TANF-Temporary Assistance for Needy Families


The mission of the Blackfeet Tribal TANF Program is to ensure that Indian families are provided opportunities for financial stability and self-sufficiency, so that their children are assured a future of cultural integrity and life choices.
Eligibility Criteria:

· 100% Blackfeet Enrolled Members (whole family)
· Unemployed · Living on the Reservation and the communities of Cut Bank and Valier Trainings & work requirements provided to all TANF clients are as follows:
· Job Readiness
· Computer Classes
· Parenting Classes
· Financial Literacy
· Drivers License study & testing
· GED - Power path Classes
· Blackfeet Language Classes
· Beading Classes
· Anger Management Classes
· Self Care Classes
· Self Esteem Classes
· Organizational Skills Training
· Health Support Network Training
· Identifying & Building on Resiliency
· Cultural Activities & Classes
· Youth Employment
· Adult Employment All TANF clients are allowed to have supportive services & incentives for participating in these events.
Liz Gobert
, Multi-Program Supervisor
Ext. 247, lober@blackfeetmanpower.com
Clifford KickingWoman, Case Manager/Eligibility Technician
Ext. 229 - ckickingwoman@blackfeetmanpower.com 

Lena Little Leaf, Eligibility/Case Manager, Ext. 239

Melanie Aimsback,
Eligibility/Case Manager, Ext. TC-244

Jackie Morgan
, Case Manager/Eligibility Technician
Ext. 231 - jmorgan@blackfeetmanpower.com

Kyra Peterson
, Eligibility/Case Manager

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